Wednesday, March 6, 2013


This gorgeous little place in the world (and luckily in our beloved Marin County) is a town called Tiburon.   Most famous for Sam's Cafe, which if you have never been, you need to go. And make a day of it. Take the ferry from the city and spend a sunny afternoon on the patio sipping something cool and taking in the most beautiful view of the San Francisco Bay.  

We had been having the best winter weather lately, so we packed up a picnic lunch and sat on the waterfront lawn that overlooks our city.  We love telling the kids our San Francisco stories.  Lucca loves hearing about being born in the city and living by the baseball park.  And we are happy to tell her as many San Francisco stories as she will sit and listen to.  That city holds a very special piece of our heart.


I sat and ate the rest of my lunch while these guys climbed on the rocks the whole time.  These lucky kids have the best dad.  I wouldn't dare take them on those rocks at the same time :)


The Big Anchor. 

And waaaaait for it.  A photo of MOM!!!  Because I took one.  With my iPhone.   With Jackson's hand down my shirt.  Lovely.


Masters Family said...

Lovely photos of your beautiful family. I totally get the hand down the shirt...that is sooo Liam all the time. ;)

kelsey c. said...

Thanks :)
And glad to hear Jackson's not the only violator!

marian rose said...

Gorgeous photo of you. The hand down the shirt is totally priceless.