Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012

Well 2012, you were spectacular.

The first year since 2007 that I wasn't pregnant or giving birth to a baby!!!!  Whew! 

We traveled far and wide...Paris, Augusta, Seattle, Isle of Palms, New York, Disneyland, Green Bay, Georgia and much more...

We turned 36, 31, 3, and 1!

We loved, we laughed, we learned and we made memories to last a lifetime.

2013, we are ready for you!  Can't wait for another year to live each day to the fullest, loving life, loving each other and loving our Maker.

More than ever before, as this year comes to a final close, I am thankful, so very thankful, for all the blessings of the past year.  Looking forward to a new year of growth, adventure, health and FUN!!!

Thank you family, thank you friends, for loving us, growing with us and encouraging us on days we need it most.  Life is a gift, live yours with passion!

Twenty thirteen...CHEERS!!!!!!

Bedtime Prayer

"Dear Jesus,
Thank you for my new dolly bed. I hope no one takes it because I love it so much. Amen" 

--Lucca's bedtime prayer 12.31.12

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Oh, December

December is here (and halfway over?!?!?!) and we have been having the most wonderful time! The magic of Christmas through the children's eyes is truly spectacular. And oh so fun! We've been creating new traditions, celebrating old ones, baking Christmas cookies, singing carols, looking at lights, sitting by the fire, taking pictures with Santa, hiding our Elf on the Shelf, watching Frosty the Snowman and The Grinch for the first time ever -- and above all else, learning about the REAL meaning of this holiday season.

To my joy and Rustin's dismay, our little chick seems to love Christmas just as much as her mama. It's been awesome watching her light up and squeal about all the lights, decorations, packages and festivities happening around here. Like mother, like daughter. Except I don't know how she learned more words to the Christmas carols than me. Crazy that she corrects me if I sing Frosty or Rudolph wrong. . 

Lucca's preschool Christmas Sing-Along

Packages arriving!

Our favorite house to look at down the street


Breaking from Christmas photos for a quick Ring Around the Rosey


If you could have heard her singing "O Christmas Tree, you are soooo beautiful..."

Sunday, November 11, 2012


We have some lucky kids, growing up in the Bay Area with so much to see, do and experience right at our fingertips.  In under an hour, in any direction you go, you are bound to find yourself someplace magnificent.  Holding true to one of our New Year's resolutions, we have been exploring new sights and places on the weekends ... and loving every minute of it.

Yesterday, we decided to spend the day in Calistoga and see the Old Faithful Geyser of California.  Every five minutes the geyser shoots up a tower of water from the earth. So cool!  Not to mention it's in the heart of wine country and set in front of a gorgeous backdrop. 

After watching the geyser shoot up several times, we walked over to feed the sheep and goats on the property.  Jackson is one brave dude, Lucca a little (lot) more hesitant.  Like her mom???

I mean, really.  How gorgeous is this place? 

After our stop at Old Faithful, we drove into the town of Calistoga and had lunch at a cute deli.  We got a treat at a bakery after lunch and at that point, Lucca pretty much thought she made it to heaven.

Days like these make me so very thankful for my sweet little family.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012


Admittedly, Halloween has never been my favorite holiday.  I am such a holiday lover, but Halloween usually takes last place in my holiday lovefest.  But kids change everything, don't they?!   Last night was so fun, I enjoyed every minute of it. 

Starting with picking Daddy up from the ferry.  


  Driving with the chicken.  Could not stop laughing all night.  

This year, Lucca decided to be a lavender-fairy-butterfly-ballerina-princess (that just screams 3 year old girl, doesn't it?) and Jackson...well, he was Superman.  We had big costume plans for this bruiser, but he's sick with a cold and got to be a comfy, awesome superhero instead.
Grammie and Pops are the best.  This is the 4th year in a row they have come over to celebrate Halloween with the kids. Because of the rain forecast, we decided to skip our tradition of walking in the Sausalito Halloween Parade and we went trick-or-treating at the local shops down the street instead and it was perfect.

We went out for Halloween pizza and then the best part.... Lucca's first time trick-or-treating at houses!  In the dark!  In the rain!  She was soooooooo excited!  This was the best part of the night.  
"You mean, I get to ring on a stranger's doorbell and they give me candy?  And you let me eat it???  Halloween is the best!"  She was bouncing from house to house, saying I love this!  This is my favorite house!  Let's go to this one!  
Loving. every. minute.

Jackson got right on up there too, saying "HAPPY HALL-WEEEEEEEEN!"  And he would take the candy and put it in his bag.  Has no idea what it is, but liked the process.

Such a fun night. 

Saturday, October 20, 2012


What, what did you say? Oh, you want to see a photo dump of our day at the pumpkin patch?? 
Well, sure! Here you go! 

We hit all the stops at our 3rd annual trip to Adobe Farm Pumpkin Patch in Petaluma.  And 75 degrees in October?  Yep, we'll take it.  I flanneled us up anyway, mainly to get in the FALL mood, but no flannels were necessary.  Whatsoever.  Sorry Jack Stone.  

Lucca wanted to be a kitty to go to the patch, because that's what she remembers doing last year.  So we pulled out last year's shirt, put some ears, a tail and make-up on and BAM!  A kitty!   Again!

Lucca looking way too old

Jackson trying to pick up pumpkins was a pretty rad sight

I love those bright orange ones top left, but Rustin told me they look like giant tomatoes

Notice the grapevines.  I love living near wine country.  Even vines at the pumpkin patch...

This, THIS is the Pumpkin Fairy Godmother.  She is CRAZAY

To get the pumpkin wand, she makes the kids close their eyes and envision their wish.  
And the mom's too.  She is cray.

The petting zoo.  Big hit.

The maze.  Lucca got a lot taller and now she can cheat and peek over...

But this guy, he was confused and it was awesome

My boys

Time to clean the camera lens :)

Me and my babies on the hay ride.  It was a good day.

This is the best pumpkin patch in the Bay Area.  If you are in the North Bay especially, highly recommend.   They have an adorable antiques shop, tons of food and coffee and a haunted house if you are patching it without babies :)


Disneyland or Bust 2012.

We had the best time with my sister and her kids and BOTH sets of grandparents.  My sister and mom did most of the planning for the trip and we basically just had to show up and have fun.  We are good at that.  It was lovely.  We spent two full days doing Disney + California Adventure and then one fabulous day lounging by the pool at the house we rented in the Anaheim Hills.  It was perfect.

*Disclaimer:  Wouldn't ya just know that my camera DIED the morning of the first day at Disneyland??? And better? My sister's camera died not even 5 minutes later. And did either of us bring our battery chargers? Of course not. #momFAILx2

Thank goodness for the trusty iPhone that captured images beyond the few I have here.  But here are some Disney photo gems nonetheless.  

The girls, not having a clue what to expect before we walked in to the Disneyland gates... 

First stop: Breakfast with Minnie!!!

Is this for real?

Yes, yes this is real. 

Kisses for Minnie, while Lucca tries to figure out if she's indeed real.

More loving.

First ride: the rockets!  Loving Lucca's face here.

Less than impressed Stone

The Jungle Cruise.  Everyone's favorite Disneyland ride, right?  RIGHT???


And the last shot before the camera died.  This is one lucky little girl.

Same time, same place next year, ok everyone???

Monday, October 8, 2012

The things she says

"Daddy, when you turn 37, I'm gonna say 'OH MY GOODNESS!!!'"

Me too, babe. Me too.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Apple Picking

Last weekend we were invited by some friends to go apple picking at an orchard in Sebastopol, and we had THE BEST TIME.  What is better than sunshine, wine, cheese, dirty farm kids and fresh handpicked apples??   Especially on the first official day of Fall.  Perfection.  We filled basket after basket and came home with 36lbs of apples (!!!).  I've since made my very first apple pie and apple butter, which is to die for if I do say so myself.  Apple butter recipe is on my Pinterest page here.

If you live in the Bay Area, I highly recommend this farm...Twin Hill Ranch.   All apples are $1.00 per pound.   Also?  The little road to the farm is FULL of antique shop after antique shop, which I am definitely going back to someday.  Minus the husband, kid 1 + kid 2.   Mom????

Azalais & Lucca

Sweet Baby Apples