Friday, March 8, 2013

A kind heart

As a mama, I just don't think there is a greater compliment than someone telling you your child is kind. And when that compliment is coming from the child's teacher, it makes it all the greater. 

Beyond health, all you want for your children are for them to be kind souls, really. Kind to you, to their siblings, to others, to the earth... When I picked up my little golden girl from school yesterday, a teacher said to me, " I just have to tell you, Lucca has got to be the kindest girl I've ever had." Although I wanted to start bawling my eyes out and give her a big hug and tell her our parenting must be resulting in a positive upbringing thus far, and that we as parents might possibly be setting good examples for our children -- I refrained. I simply told the teacher thank you, that I love hearing that, and acknowledged that yes indeed, Lucca is about as kind-hearted as they come. 

The icing on the cake however, was when a second teacher of hers ran up to me as we were leaving the school playground and said "you know I just have to tell you how kind Lucca was at school today" and proceeded to tell me how much she loves her. Of course you want your kids to be smart, funny, brave, respectful and _______ but most simply, kind. Right? 

I'll be honest, it felt good, really good, to hear.


Jen said...

Sweet!!!! She must be a very special girl!! And you are doing a great job raising her!!

Alane @RaH said...


dlkrug1 said...

Such a touching post! Hearing those words as a mother is like winning the "Cougar Award". Remember that? When a child is recognized for good having good character traits, it feels wonderful!

marian rose said...

I'm an educator, and I always love telling my parents how wonderful their kids are. It make my heart swell and bubble over too.

Kelly said...

Lucca was a sweetie on her birthday weekend even though she was sick with a cold. She loved snuggling and reading. We went through half of your library together! Pops loves hanging out with Lucca.