Monday, March 30, 2009

two weeks old!

It's hard to believe Lucca is already 2 weeks old!  Time is flying by and we are enjoying every minute of it.  Lucca is the best baby and has just been an absolute angel so far.  She is happy, sleeps for hours and hours, eats like a champ, and hardly ever fusses.  We got lucky!!   She loves taking walks and has even enjoyed going out to eat the few times we've managed to bring her to restaurants.  She's 8lbs 7oz now and getting bigger by the minute.  At her 2 week Dr. appointment, the doctor called her "perfect" and we agree :)

Here are some photos of her first couple weeks.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lucca's YouTube Channel

Rustin created a YouTube channel for Lucca to post the videos he has taken of her.   Hopefully this helps family and friends who live far away keep track of how quickly Lucca is growing and how beautiful she is becoming :)  

Below is the video Rustin made from the day Lucca was born.  Be warned, it's a tear jerker!


The rest of the videos can be viewed at

the Chao's

Monday, March 23, 2009

Introducing Lucca!

Lucca Elizabeth Chao (finally) joined our world on March 15th at 4:35pm!  She weighed 8lbs 4oz and is 19 3/4 inches long and looks like a perfect mix of her mama and daddy.  She has those Chao eyes and Krug lips.  The labor and delivery were very smooth (thank GOD!) and she is a healthy, happy and calm baby.   We had a waiting room full of excited friends & family from all over the country who came to celebrate with us.  We are so blessed with this little angel!  Happy Birthday Lucca!

(order of photos is bottom to top)

the last days





Tuesday, March 10, 2009

still waiting...

well, i am now 40 weeks 3 days pregnant.  march 7th came and passed with no sign of our little Lucca joining the world yet!  she is taking her sweet time and teaching us patience before she is even born.  her daddy can hardly stand the waiting, but in true Chao style, she is arriving fashionably late :)

we had another dr. appt today to check and make sure everything is still on track and healthy with the baby's heart, fluids, etc.  everything was perfect and little Lucca FINALLY let us see her face!!   during the ultrasound, the nurse showed us what we have been waiting to see for the past 10 months....her sweet face!   every other ultrasound we've had during the past 40 weeks have been with Lucca either covering her face with her hands or her being in a position where we couldn't even see her face.  but we saw her today and she was so beautiful!   it made us even more anxious to meet her.  we go in for monitoring again on friday if she still hasn't arrived and will be induced this weekend if she isn't here by saturday.   every day we have to change our bets on her due date since this girl is taking her sweet time.  our latest guesses:

Kelsey's guess: Thurs, March 12th
Rustin's guess: Sun, March 15th

Thursday, March 5, 2009

the waiting game...

here's a quick update:  
we are still waiting for Lucca!   she is due on saturday (march 7th) and we are very anxious and excited to finally meet her.  i had a dr. appt this morning and i am still 1cm dialated and 50% effaced...the same as last week.  the doc thinks she is currently 7 lbs and we listened to her healthy heartbeat.  but she is still sitting pretty high, so we made a plan that if she doesn't make her grand appearance by march 14th, i will get induced.  this means at the very latest, she will be one week late!  whew.  we are hoping she arrives before that, so my days are consisting of lots of walking, walking, walking and spicy food!  

we will keep you all posted if anything happens!  

kelsey + rustin