Saturday, July 27, 2013

Lil Swimmer

One of my favorite parts of the whole summer has been watching my little beauty learn how to swim.
This means she has gone from crying if she got water splashed in her eyes to actually doing a few strokes by herself!  And loving it.
We are so proud of her!!!

Monday, July 22, 2013


It's summer and we're having fun.  We've had a lot of company come visit us, great weather and lots of trips to the beach with friends.  We weren't planning on a big summer vacation this year and it's a good thing -- because an unexpected job opportunity presented itself and I took it!  Which means our sweet little Jackson started preschool!  He goes every morning with sissy and thinks he is the coolest kid in class.  Lucca also went to her first summer camp and LOVED it.  She asks every day if she can go to camp again.   The camp theme was Around the World and they told the campers on the last day of camp, they would be visiting different countries.  The next day Lucca, in all seriousness, asked me, "Do you think I need to bring a suitcase to the hairfort?"  I asked where she was going.  "We are going to visit the countries around the world, Mom."   I had to tell her they were just going to use their imaginations to travel, and they wouldn't be getting on a real airplane hairplane. I think she probably slept better that night.  Oh, how I wish the sweet innocence would last forever.

Bedtime prayers are getting more magical as the days go by.  Lately, Lucca's prayers have been sounding like this. "Dear God, thank you for making my beautiful smile and beautiful heart.  Thank you that you never go to sleep in heaven and keep us safe."  And Jackson's are sounding a little more like this: "Dear Jesus, thank you for my sister and a suuuuper duuuper fun day at the beach.  In Jesus name, Hey Man."

In other news, Lucca wants to be 16 so she can drive.  She also thinks she wants to be a 12th grade teacher when she grows up.  This is new, since for the past two years she has wanted to be a dentist, for kids and for grown-ups.   She also told me last night that when she is 11, I can give away all her toys because she probably won't like them anymore.  When she is 11, I should probably buy her jewelry. Told her to talk to her Daddy about that one.  Also, at any given time, if you ask Lucca what we should do, her answer will always be "Go to the bakery!"

Jackson's favorite thing to do at the moment is hide under the covers from monsters and dragons.  A DRAGON IS COMING, CLOSE THE WINDOWS!!!  he says.  The teachers at school can't get over his vocabulary.  I guess we are just used to it.  That, and singing Home on the Range 7,000 times a day.  He is the BEST sleeper.  Who would have ever thought?????  Don't sleep train your kids y'all.  They all turn out to sleep just fine :)

We've been loving all the live music around Marin.  Every Friday night, from Sausalito to Novato, some where, some band is playing outside and it's fabulous.  We usually pick up some pizzas, grab a bottle of wine and a blanket and the kids just love it.   
Just another reason why summer is my favorite season of all.

 Loving every crazy minute of this sweet life.

Friday, July 19, 2013

"WHY IS THIS MAN TALKING TO US MOMMY?!?!" said Lucca as the policeman wrote my speeding ticket this morning.

Hope your Friday is off to a better start than ours.