Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Some days more than others, I just wake up so dang grateful for this little life of ours.  Especially after a perfect weekend like the one we just had.  Sure there is getting over sickness, trying to sell our San Francisco place to another buyer after the first offer fell through, long days and then mornings that come again oh so early, and dealing with day-to-day type of stuff -- but overall, we are so very thankful.  Thankful to be living in such a beautiful part of the world, thankful for our marriage and the enormous amount of you-are-the-only-one-for-me love we have for each other, and so very thankful for the two biggest blessings in this life of ours...Lucca & Jackson, the most loving, precious, funny and coolest kids.  We are blessed & we are grateful to walk through life together, as a family, and as friends, knowing that no matter what each day holds, we are home for each other. And home for these beautiful children of ours.  

Rediscovering a puzzle she had never been able to complete before this attempt

This is how we brush our teeth each night...standing on mom's legs

The way Stone always rides in the wagon: Captain of the Crazy Ship we call it

Sunday night homemade almond flour pizza using homegrown basil. YUM!

Taking this sick little buddy who couldn't nap on a run with mama

Can't decide if I'm a good mom or a horrific mom for letting this happen..

And last but not least, you know what else I am in love with? THIS. 


Masters Family said...

Love. What a beautiful family.

dlkrug1 said...

Excellent post, Kelsey! I love your heart and your love for your family. Gigantic rainbow lollipops in the tubby? Great idea, mom!