Monday, June 16, 2014

Daddy Day 2014

For Father's Day, we set out to hike Mt Tam again to hit up the West Point Inn for pancakes & coffee. We got a late start and couldn't find parking in any of the three lots along the Panoramic Highway. We circled a couple times, but no such luck. We decided to wind our way another 4 miles to Stinson Beach and have pancakes at Breakers Cafe, our new favorite spot.  Best decision as breakfast was amazing!! We sat in the sun, sipping our coffee, the kids happily devouring loads of maple syrup with a little bit of everything else. 

We headed toward the beach with a mission of finding sand dollars and boy did we ever! Our treasure walked turned up tons of shells, sand dollars, cool rocks, and loads of dead crabs torn apart by gulls. The kids stopped to examine each one!  

The morning was beautiful.  We walked and walked and talked a bit, but really, nothing needed to be said.  The smiles coming from four faces was enough.

Rustin is some kinda dad, and our kids are some kinda lucky to be his.