Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lucca's BIG News

Baby Chao #2 is due in April. We are so thrilled!

In the meantime, you will find mommy on the couch or hugging the toilet...24/7. Ahh, the joys of pregnancy :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

18 Months!!!

Our little gem is 18 months old today! We celebrated by watching Super Why, reading books, eating Round Table Pizza for lunch, playing at the park, napping, and having some Tutti Melon frozen yogurt for an afternoon treat.

Lucca is busier than ever and keeps us on our toes! Always. She might be the smartest tot ever to walk this earth and the joke around here is that she will be smarter than us by 2nd grade. We have the upper hand now, but in a few years...????

Since this is Lucca's blog and blogs are for bragging, I will go ahead and do so... Starting with the fact that my girl knows her ABC's. And she knows the sounds each letter makes. She knows her colors. And "purkle" is by far her favorite. We are debating dressing her up as a little purple monster for Halloween because we know she won't complain about her costume if it's purkle. Lucca counts to 10. Number 8 is her favorite. We're kind of afraid next week she might start asking us about fractions. She balances her brains with her beauty, still stopping people every time we go ANYWHERE to say how beautiful she is with her sky blue eyes and golden blonde hair. She balances her beauty with athleticism. She can run faster than any kid on the playground. She loves kicking her red Espana soccer ball down the field with Daddy. She walks up and down stairs without holding the rails and likes to be independent when on the jungle gym. She climbs to the top and goes down the slide by herself. She loves to play "throw & catch" (from Gabba) and is most definitely right handed, despite having two left-handed parents.

She is "sweet as pie" and she'll tell you that. She will also tell her her name is "Coco" and hold up her lil' pointer finger if you ask how old she is. She tells us every time she's pooping or peeing, but doesn't want to have anything to do with the potty yet. She says "Luhh You" for love you and she kisses dad every morning before work and tells him to go get on the "Bus".

We are so thankful for this little person God entrusted us with and still aren't quite sure what we ever did to deserve being her parents. Whatever we did, we'll take it!! And we will also gladly accept your prayers for us as we continue to raise this little lady the best we know how.

Happy 18 months, Lucca!

Doctor Visit stats:
34" long
23.14 lbs
*The accuracy of these stats is debatable, considering Lucca was screaming, crying, and wiggling all over the place during her measurements :) That's our girl.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010