Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Summer Vaca 2014 ... numero uno!

Summer vacation is already over.   How rude.  Thankfully, we came home with a boatload of awesome memories to sustain us for the rest of summer.  Lake Oconee in Greenville, Georgia, is a beautiful spot in the world and now holds our heart.  We spent a week in a gorgeous home overlooking the lake and indulging in all the water had to offer.  The kids got to go jet-skiing, fishing, tubing, swimming, dock jumping and boating all week long.  Mimi knows how to plan a good party!

This girl became an awesome swimmer on this trip.  She was doing laps in this pool by herself for the first time.  So fun to watch her!

"No fear Jackson"

The Pirate cousins and their very own Pirate Ship!

Jackson's first time tubing and he loved it!  He learned thumbs up for speed and wanted to go faster, faster, faster.  So proud.  Also, he's THREE.

Lucca and the family VIP ~ Mema.  The reason for the celebration season. We were all together to celebrate Mema's completion of chemo for the 2nd time.  She's a warrior and cancer free, yet again.
These two share something special.

Snapping a Football 101

The ropes course at Stone Mountain, Georgia

Lucca scaled this rock wall, 5 times!!!   

There are two things I know about Jack Stone's future:  
1) He will own a boat 
2) He will own a dog
...and he will love them equally.

Mema reading a poem at her Happy Party.  Tons of family and friends gathered at the lake house for southern bbq to toast this incredible woman.  It was a special time and I can't imagine missing it.  Hopefully she loved our dance to Pharrell's "HAPPY" song as much as we all love her.

Our final boat ride to watch an amazing sunset 

Last vacation dinner at the Ritz Carlton Reynolds Plantation

My favorite photo from the whole trip was the last one taken while saying goodbye to Mimi & Papa.
 We had the best trip. Isn't that obvious?

The Start of Summer Vacation

Today is the first day of summer!  AND THE FIRST DAY OF SUMMER VACATION!   We have been looking forward to this day for a long time. Mainly the man of the house who is ready to have some good ol family fun for more than a weekend.  But before we spend a week at the lake house in Georgia, we gotta actually get there.  Thankfully, our kids travel like rock stars and were so, so good with waking up at the crack of dawn and boarding the long flight.

First, we said bye to our Golden beauty... 

Then Jackson asked if we were there yet.

We picked which plane we wanted...

And got some VIP treatment by the pilot..

Who INSISTED mommy got in the cockpit for a photo...

And then?

Now let's have some fun!!!