Monday, January 26, 2015

New Year update

January 2015 in a nutshell!  We are preparing to move next weekend, so it's been a crazy topsy turvy 2015 so far...Packing, packing, packing.  A quick update on life as we know it at this very {fleeting} moment:

Loves..Palace Pets
American Girl
FASHION!!!  Loves to change her clothes and put outfits together.
Dance & Gymnastics
Writing in "cursive" and doodling in notebooks
Loves setting the table for dinner and making it fancy
Such a caretaker, especially if someone is sick/sad. Very nurturing. Would make a perfect nurse.
Lost her 1st tooth!

PLANES...still!  All.The.Planes.
Hot Wheels, especially "loopty loops"
Watching My Big, Big Friend on AppleTV
..and "Egg Videos" on YouTube
Anything tech - especially my iPhone
His imagination has taken off and it's so incredible to watch him play.
Adores Lucca.
Keeps having bad dreams about Aliens and Pirate Ships
Asks to have sushi for every meal.

Very much ready to be set-up in the new house.
Over winter. Ready for summer!
In love with every moment I spend with my family.
Riding my awesome turquoise bike.
Doing T25 workouts, which means I can't walk every other day.

Already working on his 2nd freelance project of the new year.
Dominating the market.
Brings me a Peet's coffee every morning.
Runs for fun.  #crazy
Just turned 39!  We celebrated at Hopmonk.

We are healthy, happy, loving each other and loving life.  If Rustin and I could freeze time with the kids being 5 and 3, we would.  We love to tell Lucca she can't turn 6 - but, she's fine with skipping 6 altogether and moving on to 7. Or 8.  This 1st month of the year has been a whirlwind and we are surrounded by boxes everywhere we look, but a fresh start is on the horizon and we can't wait!  

My 2015 is officially starting in February.  And it's gonna be amazing.

Friday, January 2, 2015

December Daily 29

Stone Mountain becomes Snow Mountain in the winter & we spent the entire day there having loads of fun! Tubing, building snow castles, riding the train and gondola and absolutely freezing our faces off on top of the mountain.  

CUTE kids in snow bibs..

We came veryyy prepared for the snow

My guy 

Lucca getting Daddy in a predicament that resulted in Daddy having wet feet for the rest of the day. Oops.

Exploring the top of Stone Mountain. It was FREEZING.  

We had a blast. Love my family so much. 

December Daily 28

A beautiful day for ice skating with cousins at The Avalon in Alpharetta!  Lucca was a pro, Jackson made it around once :)

Pinkberry for an after skating treat..

And a nice fire to warm us up after ice skating and ice cream..

These two ❤️

December Daily 27

Three very special girls going on a very special date to a very special store with a very special Mimi!!! 


December Daily 26

The Day-after-Christmas hangover...

Cured quickly by Mimi's magical playland backyard!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

December Daily 25

Our happy, blessed, beautiful children on Christmas morning 2014. 

These two are my greatest gifts. 

December Daily 24

Christmas Eve: my favorite day of the year.

Lucca putting out the cookies for Santa

Papa talking to the grandchildren about the meaning of Christmas... 

The wait is getting too hard for pouting Jackson...

The loot! Santa even found us in Georgia!

The calm before the Christmas morning storm