Saturday, October 20, 2012


What, what did you say? Oh, you want to see a photo dump of our day at the pumpkin patch?? 
Well, sure! Here you go! 

We hit all the stops at our 3rd annual trip to Adobe Farm Pumpkin Patch in Petaluma.  And 75 degrees in October?  Yep, we'll take it.  I flanneled us up anyway, mainly to get in the FALL mood, but no flannels were necessary.  Whatsoever.  Sorry Jack Stone.  

Lucca wanted to be a kitty to go to the patch, because that's what she remembers doing last year.  So we pulled out last year's shirt, put some ears, a tail and make-up on and BAM!  A kitty!   Again!

Lucca looking way too old

Jackson trying to pick up pumpkins was a pretty rad sight

I love those bright orange ones top left, but Rustin told me they look like giant tomatoes

Notice the grapevines.  I love living near wine country.  Even vines at the pumpkin patch...

This, THIS is the Pumpkin Fairy Godmother.  She is CRAZAY

To get the pumpkin wand, she makes the kids close their eyes and envision their wish.  
And the mom's too.  She is cray.

The petting zoo.  Big hit.

The maze.  Lucca got a lot taller and now she can cheat and peek over...

But this guy, he was confused and it was awesome

My boys

Time to clean the camera lens :)

Me and my babies on the hay ride.  It was a good day.

This is the best pumpkin patch in the Bay Area.  If you are in the North Bay especially, highly recommend.   They have an adorable antiques shop, tons of food and coffee and a haunted house if you are patching it without babies :)


dlkrug1 said...

Ah, darn! Missed going there with you this year. Looks like it was a fantastic day! Love these memory-making times you are having with your family. Beautiful.

P.S. Where's the singing scarecrow?

P.P.S. That pumpkin godmother is craycray, you're right!

kelsey c. said...

we missed you guys too! we learned pumpkin patches are a great place to go with grandparents ;)