Saturday, October 20, 2012


Disneyland or Bust 2012.

We had the best time with my sister and her kids and BOTH sets of grandparents.  My sister and mom did most of the planning for the trip and we basically just had to show up and have fun.  We are good at that.  It was lovely.  We spent two full days doing Disney + California Adventure and then one fabulous day lounging by the pool at the house we rented in the Anaheim Hills.  It was perfect.

*Disclaimer:  Wouldn't ya just know that my camera DIED the morning of the first day at Disneyland??? And better? My sister's camera died not even 5 minutes later. And did either of us bring our battery chargers? Of course not. #momFAILx2

Thank goodness for the trusty iPhone that captured images beyond the few I have here.  But here are some Disney photo gems nonetheless.  

The girls, not having a clue what to expect before we walked in to the Disneyland gates... 

First stop: Breakfast with Minnie!!!

Is this for real?

Yes, yes this is real. 

Kisses for Minnie, while Lucca tries to figure out if she's indeed real.

More loving.

First ride: the rockets!  Loving Lucca's face here.

Less than impressed Stone

The Jungle Cruise.  Everyone's favorite Disneyland ride, right?  RIGHT???


And the last shot before the camera died.  This is one lucky little girl.

Same time, same place next year, ok everyone???

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