Sunday, December 16, 2012

Oh, December

December is here (and halfway over?!?!?!) and we have been having the most wonderful time! The magic of Christmas through the children's eyes is truly spectacular. And oh so fun! We've been creating new traditions, celebrating old ones, baking Christmas cookies, singing carols, looking at lights, sitting by the fire, taking pictures with Santa, hiding our Elf on the Shelf, watching Frosty the Snowman and The Grinch for the first time ever -- and above all else, learning about the REAL meaning of this holiday season.

To my joy and Rustin's dismay, our little chick seems to love Christmas just as much as her mama. It's been awesome watching her light up and squeal about all the lights, decorations, packages and festivities happening around here. Like mother, like daughter. Except I don't know how she learned more words to the Christmas carols than me. Crazy that she corrects me if I sing Frosty or Rudolph wrong. . 

Lucca's preschool Christmas Sing-Along

Packages arriving!

Our favorite house to look at down the street


Breaking from Christmas photos for a quick Ring Around the Rosey


If you could have heard her singing "O Christmas Tree, you are soooo beautiful..."

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Masters Family said...

Love these pics of your beautiful family. Christmas is the best.