Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012


Admittedly, Halloween has never been my favorite holiday.  I am such a holiday lover, but Halloween usually takes last place in my holiday lovefest.  But kids change everything, don't they?!   Last night was so fun, I enjoyed every minute of it. 

Starting with picking Daddy up from the ferry.  


  Driving with the chicken.  Could not stop laughing all night.  

This year, Lucca decided to be a lavender-fairy-butterfly-ballerina-princess (that just screams 3 year old girl, doesn't it?) and Jackson...well, he was Superman.  We had big costume plans for this bruiser, but he's sick with a cold and got to be a comfy, awesome superhero instead.
Grammie and Pops are the best.  This is the 4th year in a row they have come over to celebrate Halloween with the kids. Because of the rain forecast, we decided to skip our tradition of walking in the Sausalito Halloween Parade and we went trick-or-treating at the local shops down the street instead and it was perfect.

We went out for Halloween pizza and then the best part.... Lucca's first time trick-or-treating at houses!  In the dark!  In the rain!  She was soooooooo excited!  This was the best part of the night.  
"You mean, I get to ring on a stranger's doorbell and they give me candy?  And you let me eat it???  Halloween is the best!"  She was bouncing from house to house, saying I love this!  This is my favorite house!  Let's go to this one!  
Loving. every. minute.

Jackson got right on up there too, saying "HAPPY HALL-WEEEEEEEEN!"  And he would take the candy and put it in his bag.  Has no idea what it is, but liked the process.

Such a fun night. 


Doreen said...

Your mom told me they had a wonderful time. Great pics of the kids but I have to give it to Rustin for wearing a chicken outfit!

(one of the twins)

dlkrug1 said...

That was a fun night for Pops and I. We loved seeing Lucca's enthusiasm! Jackson was so cute as he went along with the program. Next year he'll know exactly what is going on. I have a feeling we'll be laughing about the chicken for years to come. Wonder what surprises are in store next year . . . !