Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dec Daily :: Day 7

Was planning to photograph 5 of my favorite ornaments, but only got to three before Jackson woke up and our HP printer failed me. Both, not shocking. The two honorable mentions not included on my favorites page are 1) the American flag, in honor of my grandfather 2) my very 1st Christmas ornament my mother got the year I was born, 1981.

A game we play daily around here is "pick your favorite ornament" and sweet Lucca loves it. She walks around and around the tree, examining each ornament very closely before picking her favorite (which happens to be the same every time...the gondola!).

I love our tree and all the memories that come alive when hanging the ornaments. It's no wonder my mother cried every year while we decorated the tree :) Suddenly, it all makes sense.

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