Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dec Daily :: Day 17

I bought a German nutcracker at a garage sale today.

So many strange things about that sentence, right? True story, stopped at an interesting looking garage sale and although the desk had just sold that originally caught my eye, I browsed the other junk...and found our little treasure.

Lucca has been learning all about the Nutcracker at music class this month and she looooves the teachers nutcracker. I figured she would like this guy, but I didn't know how much Jackson would too! He spotted "Olof" right away and was so excited to touch it.

We came home with the cool original German box for Olof too, and found out this guy actually carries a little value! It will be fun taking him out of his box every year at Christmas time and letting the kids play with it. We needed a nutcracker :)

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