Friday, December 2, 2011

Dec Daily :: Day 2

December 2, 2011 = 70 degrees and sunny and FRIDAY!

Do you know what's awesome? Having a backyard.

We spent this gorgeous morning in the backyard (!), jumping on the kids new trampoline. This is an early Christmas present from Mimi and we are already enjoying it immensely. Lucca wakes up each day and goes to the window to check and see if the trampoline is still there, and then asks if we can keep it forever. It will be no time before Jackson is jumping right along with her. Here's to hoping we have many more sunny December days just like today.

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Mutha K said...

Cute! Most people take their backyard for granted, but since this is your first one, you REALLY appreciate it. From living in the city, to a tree house, to up on a hillside, this house is perfect for your family for now. I love your scrapbook page ~ that's a great idea. Keep it up! Love you!