Monday, January 25, 2010

the Happiest of Birthdays

We had a big weekend celebrating Daddy's birthday! The day started at IHOP in our jammies for endless pancakes. As soon as we sat down, the waiter brought Lucca a balloon, which kept her entertained the whole time. I think IHOP might be the only family friendly restaurant in San Francisco, there were babies everywhere and they actually had high chairs! Always a plus. Daddy was in heaven with pancakes, Lucca was in heaven with her balloon, and mama was in heaven with a happy baby and happy man in a baby friendly restaurant...who cares that it was IHOP!

After breakfast, daddy got a massage, and then my fab parents babysat Lucca while Rustin and I went to go see Wicked (with a stop at Philz coffee on the way...). The play was amazing, and it was so fun to get dressed up and go on a DATE! It's been way too long! The night ended at Hard Knox for some southern home cookin' with cornbread and chicken and waffles for my Southern man. Life is so sweet, even sweeter with a baby to help celebrate! Happy birthday, babe!


juli johnson said...

yea for thirty-roar! will upload and send you the few pics i took at dinner.

Mutha K said...

He was "King for the Day". All that, plus ice cream cake, too! It was lots of fun and we're so thankful for the contentment you are experiencing with your sweet family.

Mutha K said...

The banana YouTube is really cute. What a CoCo!