Monday, January 18, 2010

Favorite Food

Lately, I can't get my baby to eat anything for dinner, except avocado. This is Day 4 of Lucca's strike against every other food on earth, but avocado's...endless amounts of avocado. It's funny because she usually eats whatever I give her. She is not picky. But this week, she is turning her nose to anything I try to feed her. Sweet potatoes (another fave...), nope. Bananas, nope. Chicken with veggies, nope. Cheerios, nope. Avocado, yep. We wonder how long this expensive eating streak will last. She's definitely her mama's girl.


swisher sweet said...

Her + Linc are definitely twins now!

kyla_ruck said...

Julianna is the same! She has never been a picky eater until about a month ago....I think that they just figure out they have their own free will:)