Friday, June 15, 2012

A Week of Firsts..

Lucca had a big week of "Firsts" around here. 
First day of preschool
First soccer team practice
First pair of Nikes (!)
First Bike

Starting preschool was very surprisingly a breeze!  Mostly thanks to this little British boy named Jamie who took Lucca's hand in the parking lot and showed her the way to school.  Cutest thing EVER.  Seriously, if he hadn't done that, she would have clung on to me for dear life.  But when he took her and showed her the way, she was totally distracted and followed his lead.  I owe it to that kid.  Based on childcare experiences at church, the gym, MOPS, etc, I totally expected preschool to call me within a half hour of her being there...telling me she was in hysterics and to come pick her up.   But they didn't!  They called me and told me to enjoy my morning and let her stay longer than planned, through lunch!  WHAT?!!??
Lucca and Jaime, her first friend at school

After school cupcake for being a rockstar

We had to get these for soccer and they took a lot of convincing that they were COOL and she would be THE FASTEST RUNNER IN THE WORLD if she would put them on her feet.  
Now?  She begs to wear them.  All the time.  Eek!

First pair of Nikes.  Pink & Purple of course.

Long story short: Lucca asked Daddy for a new pink bike and we got one within 30 minutes.
Long story long: She never even had a tricycle and was so overdue for a bike it's not even funny.  We've been talking about getting a bike for a while.  We thought when she was barely 2 that she would want the trendy little wooden balance bike without pedals because all the Sausalito kids were starting out with those, but Lucca was like "Are you guys crazy, why would I want a bike without pedals?" 
So we held off.  And then once, we took her to REI to try out bikes and she fell off a two wheeler right away and cried and cried in the we held off again.
But tonight?  She wanted a bike and got one.  
And it was amazingly cute to see Daddy teaching her to ride it at the park.  We threw our routine out the window, stayed at the park late, and had an awesomely random Friday night that we will probably always remember. 
Sometimes you just gotta be spontaneous.  That's what I love about my husband.
So here it is...light pink with sparkly streamers and a basket = PERFECT

First bike!!!

Took 2 seconds to figure it out and she was awesome

And last but not least...FRECKLES!  Lucca got her first few freckles on her nose this week.  I don't have a photo, but it's the cutest thing you ever did see.  We've been having major summer sunshine going on and spending all free moments outside, and she's officially been sunkissed.  Like her mama.  "A face without freckles is like a sky without stars" -- always remember that!

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dlkrug1 said...

This has been a week to remember! She is growing up so fast I can hardly believe it. Great job documenting all those "firsts".