Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lucca at 3 years old...

She is still a sparkle, sweet as can be, smart as can be, beautiful as can be.  
She wants to be a ballerina when she grows up.  "Actually, right now Mama" she says.  Loves princesses, running, kicking her soccer ball, singing, playing doctor, wearing fancy dresses, all things lavender, building sand castles, dreaming about cupcakes & cookies & gumdrops, running through the sprinklers, going on adventures, riding her bike, and going to Target & Whole Foods.

She just got her big girl bed and loves it.  Of course she does, it's lavender.  She is signed up for her first soccer team, she does yoga with me and she likes picking out her own clothes (and brother's and Dad's) each morning.

Favorite books: Berenstain Bears, Fancy Nancy
Favorite fruits: Watermelon, blueberries or "Sugar Oranges" (mandarin oranges)
Favorite vegetables: red bell peppers, sugar snap peas, cucumbers & carrots
Favorite show: Doc McStuffins 

Next week, Lucca starts preschool.  Preschool!!!  I am ecstatic and sad.  Mostly happy for her, but a bit sad that she is old enough for school!  And hoping she doesn't come home from school with too many germs, too much attitude or learned bad words.  Other kids are so gross, right Mamaswisher?  :)  

I wish I could shelter this girl forever under my big ol' mama wings, letting her not have a care in the world, always a mind full of positivity and dreams as big as her imagination allows, but I realize a big part of parenting is letting your babies fly.  And this girl has some pretty awesome wings of her own.

Also, did I mention she will only be going 6 hours a week? :)  HA.  Two mornings a week, that's it.  
I think I'll survive.  


swisher sweet said...


You're the best mama I know. For reals.

dlkrug1 said...

She does sparkle! Love that little girl and the interesting things she says. So smart! She's going to enjoy preschool and you'll love those 6 hours of 1-on-1 time with Jack. And, by the way, I know 2 "best mamas"!