Monday, July 2, 2012

Train Town

We finally made it to Train Town in Sonoma today and had a blast! This place is kid heaven (minus a brief double sibling panic attack when the train went through a pitch black tunnel). We took the 20 minute train ride first, which stopped in "town" so the kids could hop off the train and explore. There's a petting zoo with berry hungry goats & llamas, a climbing structure and several mini buildings to walk in: a saloon, barn, shops, cute! After feeding the animals, we hopped back on the train. No more long tunnels = no more tears!

We rode the carousel and then Lucca went on her very first kid ride ever without parents, the airplanes! So adorable. We put her in a plane with another little girl and she loved it. The girls didn't pull the lever that would have made them go up high, but I'm absolutely sure that was for the better.

After Train Town, we picnicked on the plaza and played on the playground before picking up our Hawkes wine club shipment. Good day for everyone ;)

We <3 Sonoma.


Jen said...

Way cool! In all the times we've been to Sonoma, we've never taken the kids there! We love Sonoma too! Fun town...the kids are gettin so big and so cute!

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