Thursday, January 26, 2012

How do you do it?

Sometimes there are special little moments in the day that stop me right in my tracks and make me think THIS is why I do what I do. I had one of these moments yesterday at our music class with both kiddos sitting on my lap, another one today while having a lunch picnic in our sunny backyard, and another one teaching Lucca to skateboard while holding Jackson on my hip. Stay-at-home mommyhood was quite an adjustment from my career world, and now with 2 kids there are days that I'm honestly WISHING I was sitting in my old office drinking a hot Starbucks latte in PEACE & QUIET. Wishing I was wearing fancy heels and attending important meetings, wishing I was on a business trip to NYC dining at the latest hot spot...

And then, there are days like yesterday and today that have me thinking I couldn't quite possibly be missing out on these precious moments of my babies lives. I recently read "Motherhood is a short season of selflessness" and that quote has stuck with me. Couldn't be more true, right? Early motherhood is just a season, and a season I'm sure I'll long for once it's gone. It's HARD, it's rewarding, it's exhausting, it's fun and most importantly, it's a blessing.

Working mom friends always ask me HOW DO YOU DO IT? But days like today have me thinking HOW DO YOU NOT?

I guess it doesn't help that I have the most freaking adorable babes on the planet..

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