Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012: gonna be swelve.

While I have yet to post about Christmas, or Thanksgiving for that matter, I do want to blog about my 2012 New Years resolutions. Moving onward :) But for the record, we did have an amazing Thanksgiving in Atlanta and an amazing Christmas in Folsom with our families. So there.

2012 Resolutions ("Goals" to appease those non-resolution types)
Planned date nights. Monthly? That would be rad. I never want to stop dating my husband.
Wear makeup. Feel pretty.
Find a new church/spiritual development
Organize. Become the queen of organization like my mama. OK maybe not that much. This includes meal planning & less trips to Whole Foods at 4:3o.
Read. Books! With a 2-year old and 9-month old, my days are busy, my nights are busy -- but finding a few moments when I can pick up a book and read has already proven beneficial to me.
Print photos.
Open up our home. Friends, playgroups, dinners, etc. I want our home to be an open door.

Happy 2012 people. Our family has adopted the mantra "Work Hard, Play Hard, Have a Ball" this year. Last year was a lot of hard work...this year we want to play just as hard. Hello vacations.

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