Friday, January 13, 2012

My beautiful girl.

Each morning you want to wear make-up. Lip gloss and blush. And tights. No dress, no skirt, just tights.

And sparkly shoes. Tia (Karla) nicknamed you "sparkle" over Christmas and I can't think of a more perfect word that describes you right just SPARKLE. It's true, and everyone agrees.

Every day you ask to go on "adventures" ... and often ask if we need anything at Target or Whole Foods. Yesterday you asked if we needed to go to Old Navy? What the ??

You can't wait for your birthday, when you turn "free" & you often let people know you will be having a kitty party. And then you remind me that on your birthday, you will get to eat pink & white cookies, cupcakes, chocolate, candy and cake. Wow.

You go to sleep every night singing This Old Man. And seven? It's up to Kevin, not heaven. Kevin, Wyatt and Parker. Your first crushes. Amazing that this starts so early. We're in trouble.

Your favorite show is Olivia.

Your favorite book is Good Night, San Francisco (fitting) and a Berenstein Bears book that only Daddy can read.

You like to go on "dates" to Starbucks and drink special milk for a treat. This is fun, and started right before Jackson was born.

Your favorite game is hide & seek with the monkey that Mimi bought you for Christmas. You and Daddy play this foreverrrrr.

Jumping on the trampoline is your favorite activity. And every time you jump, you sing the same song: "It's a hoppy Spring day, Hooray! We want to learn to sing with bunnies" over and over and over.

Some favorite Lucca sayings:

"When I'm 25, I can drink coffee"

"Maybe when I'm 3 I'll be tall enough"

"Love you to the moon Mom"

"Daddy's old, Mommy's new"

Lucca, you are still our gem. Turning into a little lady before our very eyes. Such a beautiful little lady. I always dreamed of having a girl, and you are fulfilling every bit of the girl I dreamed of, and a whole lot more.


Mutha K said...

That picture looks so much like you as a little girl. Can't get over it! LC is a such a blessing and I love her so much! She's added "sparkle" to all of our lives.

swisher sweet said...

Lucca rules. The end.