Saturday, February 26, 2011

Meet BlaBla Kitty

This is "Bla-Bla" kitty, creatively named by mommy. Lucca got Blabla from Santa, and she has gone to bed every single night with Lucca since Christmas.

If you know Lucca, you know she's mildly obsessed with kitties. Don't know where this came from. Mama is not a cat person - we don't even have any friends with cats. But our girl loves them. Despite our fears of her taking this cat obsession into adulthood, we've embraced her love for kitties and have even bought a shirt or 2 with the lil felines on 'um.

While searching for a Blabla doll to buy for baby brother today, I realized Lucca's Blabla kitty is not a kitty after all. WHOOPS! Lo and behold, this is Suzette the FOX!!


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

She reads to herself now, OUTLOUD. Amazing.

Not sure we've seen anything more precious than Lucca grabbing a book, sitting on the couch, and reading it to herself outloud. Word for word. Must catch this on video asap.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Field Trip!

You know you live in an amazing place when you wake up on a holiday and have to decide between spending the day at Half Moon Bay, Muir Woods, Wine Country, exploring the streets of San Francisco, etc etc etc.

Yesterday, we chose Muir Woods. It's not bad having this practically in our backyard. Lucca loved "the forest" even though we didn't see any tigers. That's what she was hoping for ;)

The lil' fashionista insisted on wearing her red shoes, despite hiking through the woods
The "huuuge-mongous" trees

Such a fun President's Day. After the woods, we ate lunch on the water at FISH in Sausalito, followed by family nap time. Holidays rule.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday, February 14, 2011


Happy Valentine's Day, friends!

Lucca (& her sweet feet)
Valentines Day 2011

Friday, February 11, 2011

Beach Date with Brendan

Gotta love winter in California! Beach days in February can't be beat.

Showing off her surfing skills

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Oh, what a day!

We had ourselves a good lil' Thursday. Went shopping in the city with Grammie, ate a yummy lunch at Boudin SF, took a great nap and then had a mostly uneventful afternoon ... UNTIL...

Mommy decided to take Lucca on a walk down at the Sausalito waterfront. It was almost time to pick up Daddy from the ferry, so we headed back to the car and I loaded up Lucca. And then, someway, somehow, my keys dropped out of my hand, out of the car, onto the sidewalk and then straight down inside the gutter in the street. Probably 5 feet down...landing in sewer water. All in slow motion. AWESOME.

A quick call to the Sausalito Fire Department had 4 fireman (!!!) and a big red truck by my side within 15 minutes. They took off the gutter grate, lowered a guy in head first and he grabbed my keys. All while assuring me this has happened before. If only Grammie would have stayed around a couple hours longer for the excitement ;)

Never a dull moment.

Before the "incident"
She knows a good view when she sees one
Picking up Daddy at the boat

BFFs reunited

Time to go bake some cookies for the firemen ;)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Jet-set no more

Warning: sentimental-pregnant-mommy post ahead.

I just realized it's the end of a sweet era. I'm grounded (i.e. no more flying) from here on out for the remainder of this pregnancy, so it dawned on me tonight that Lucca and I took our last flight together today as just the 2 of us. Kinda sad because I've traipsed all over the place with my girl. She's such an easy traveler, so there have been many times since she was itty bitty that Lucca and Mommy would hop on a flight together (mostly to go visit Daddy when he was away on business).

On today's flight she was such an angel and slept curled up on my lap the whole time. I didn't realize in the moment it was the last time that scenario would take place :( Next time, she will be the big sister in her own seat, and her baby brother will be on my lap. Gone are the somewhat easy travel days!!!

Shedding a tear for the end of my travels with just LC. Sooo many fun memories, and now anxiously awaiting the arrival of our dude and the travel chaos he will add to our jet-setting family...

Sunday, February 6, 2011