Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Field Trip!

You know you live in an amazing place when you wake up on a holiday and have to decide between spending the day at Half Moon Bay, Muir Woods, Wine Country, exploring the streets of San Francisco, etc etc etc.

Yesterday, we chose Muir Woods. It's not bad having this practically in our backyard. Lucca loved "the forest" even though we didn't see any tigers. That's what she was hoping for ;)

The lil' fashionista insisted on wearing her red shoes, despite hiking through the woods
The "huuuge-mongous" trees

Such a fun President's Day. After the woods, we ate lunch on the water at FISH in Sausalito, followed by family nap time. Holidays rule.

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Mutha K said...

Love that park! You took some very nice pics. The one of Lucca and her shoes is adorable!