Monday, February 7, 2011

Jet-set no more

Warning: sentimental-pregnant-mommy post ahead.

I just realized it's the end of a sweet era. I'm grounded (i.e. no more flying) from here on out for the remainder of this pregnancy, so it dawned on me tonight that Lucca and I took our last flight together today as just the 2 of us. Kinda sad because I've traipsed all over the place with my girl. She's such an easy traveler, so there have been many times since she was itty bitty that Lucca and Mommy would hop on a flight together (mostly to go visit Daddy when he was away on business).

On today's flight she was such an angel and slept curled up on my lap the whole time. I didn't realize in the moment it was the last time that scenario would take place :( Next time, she will be the big sister in her own seat, and her baby brother will be on my lap. Gone are the somewhat easy travel days!!!

Shedding a tear for the end of my travels with just LC. Sooo many fun memories, and now anxiously awaiting the arrival of our dude and the travel chaos he will add to our jet-setting family...