Saturday, February 26, 2011

Meet BlaBla Kitty

This is "Bla-Bla" kitty, creatively named by mommy. Lucca got Blabla from Santa, and she has gone to bed every single night with Lucca since Christmas.

If you know Lucca, you know she's mildly obsessed with kitties. Don't know where this came from. Mama is not a cat person - we don't even have any friends with cats. But our girl loves them. Despite our fears of her taking this cat obsession into adulthood, we've embraced her love for kitties and have even bought a shirt or 2 with the lil felines on 'um.

While searching for a Blabla doll to buy for baby brother today, I realized Lucca's Blabla kitty is not a kitty after all. WHOOPS! Lo and behold, this is Suzette the FOX!!



Mutha K said...


Mama to 3 all-boy boys said...

Very funny! Levi has his Kitty that is actually a tiger. I gave up trying to explain the difference when he was 18 mo. or 2!

Lori said...

Cute! I saw these dolls at a store yesterday and ALMOST bought one. They are so cute and soft!

kelsey c. said...

they are the best. so soft, so cute, perfect to cuddle with.

it's a beautiful life. said...

Liam has "Socks the Fox" but Matt thinks it looks like a cat:)