Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fishing for compliments

Today Lucca got her 1st compliment on her HAIR!!!!! Yes, yes, yes. My girl finally has enough hair for strangers to see?! OMG. We were shopping on Chestnut Street when a lady stopped and admired how "perfectly golden" and "pretty" Lucca's hair is. I thought surely you are not stopping us to just admire her hair...but she was :) Did somebody pay this woman? Mimi? Grammie? Tia?

My little blondie is finally growing long enough hair for people to see. Only took 16 months.


Mutha K said...

Hahaha! I didn't pay the lady, but here is what I think . . . Lucca's eyes are so beautiful that even if she had lots of hair, people are attracted to her pretty eyes first. Still I'm glad someone noticed her hair!

swisher sweet said...

YAH! Maybe her wings blowing in the breeze caught the chicks attention.