Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Anyone want a 17 Month old??

We've had quite a rough week around here. What, it's only Wednesday?! Say it aint so. Lucca came down with a nasty virus, which she so generously shared with her mama. I thought moms didn't get sick? So 2 doctor visits and 3 sleepless nights later, here we are, still miserable. Actually Lucca is hopefully on the mend, it's now me who is getting my butt KICKED. I've learned moms don't get a day off, even when feeling like death. You gotta just muster up the energy and go, go, go. Give, give, give. Interesting fact no one tells ya! :) To all my non-mom friends, next time you are sick, just lay in your bed alllll day. For me. Please?

Can't you just see how happy she is??
She got her 1st Jamba Juice after the doctor appointment. She took about 3 sips.
Sort of a smile at the park tonight...THANK GOD.....
Hey God, it's me Kelsey. May this week end quickly, and may the health of my family be restored. Oh, and may Lucca pleeeeease go back to sleeping her 12-hour nights again asap. Mama + Daddy need some major sleep.


swisher sweet said...

But on another note, look at all that hair!

strawberrylove said...

ohh sorry you guys are not feeling well, wish we could bring you flowers and soup. xoxo