Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Two small (but HUGE!) victories in my world today.

1) Got Lucca down for both her nap AND bedtime sans the beloved bottle. With only a few quick shrieks both times. You probably heard them. Why I got Lucca attached to a bottle after 12 months of exclusive breastfeeding is beyond me. Lessons learned for Baby #2..... (NO, I am not pregnant!!)

2) LUCCA POOPED ON THE POTTY. Before you go all crazy thinking I've potty trained a 16 month old, this was not on purpose, really. We have not begun potty training yet, but we do have a potty and Lucca was running around without a diaper on after I changed a small turd. Letting the girl air out a bit, until she decided to pee on the carpet. Sooo, I immediately placed her on the potty to tell her that's where she needs to pee when all of the sudden I realized she was pooping. ON THE POTTY. Yessssss!!!!!!!!!! And I'll spare you the picture I took of the big poop that I had to send to Daddy at work!

Big day, I know.

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Mutha K said...

Wow! Good job, Mama. You must be exhausted today.