Wednesday, June 9, 2010


One of the best gifts we've received for Lucca has been our membership to The Little Gym from Mimi & Papa! We go every week, it's actually the highlight of our week, and Lucca just loves it. Also, what's better than Lucca calling gymnastics "ass" and running around the house saying "Ass, ass, ass" as soon as I tell her it's gymnastics time? That's my favorite part.

She's been getting better and better at all her little gym skills. She's mastered walking on the beam, hanging on the bars and doing somersaults on the mat, but today we reached a new high... Just shy of 15 months old, she did a forward roll ON THE BALANCE BEAM. So cute! She just put her little hands right down on the beam and tucked her head to "smell her belly" and rolled right on over. WHAT A BIG GIRL!!! I was so proud. Just one more thing to remind me that she's not a baby anymore. Darn.


Pops said...

Send us pix! Love your blog. Pops

swisher sweet said...

such a potty mouth.

babyonesiesandrompers said...

haha. love your blog. so cute.