Monday, March 1, 2010

An update on the Love Bug.

The 11-month update. Here we go! Lucca has many names these days, including Sweet Thing, Coco, Baby Doll, Pretty, LC, Dolly, Lu-Lu, Love Bug, Birdy, Lady...the list goes on and on. It's amazing she knows her name is Lucca :)

Movement She is always walking. Actually, running. Crawling is so last month. This girl is ON THE GO. She doesn't ever stop, unless we let her watch Yo Gabba Gabba before bedtime. DJ Lance Rock completely mesmerizes Lucca and she chills out entirely for 20 minutes watching this show. Except for when she is clapping, dancing and singing along to the songs, which is priceless.

Communication Lucca knows and responds to so much these days. She can communicate well, and she can process so much. Here are some of the phrases she recognizes and responds to:
  • let's go bye-bye
  • let's take a walk
  • time to eat
  • do you want some cheese? avocado? banana? (and boy, does she knows what she wants!)
  • go get a book
  • find your baby
  • take your baby for a walk
  • go get the ball
  • tubby-time (walks to the bathroom...she LOVES the bath)
  • throw your paci in your bed
  • take a drink
  • time to go night-night
Tricks She can lock/unlock the car doors. She holds my house keys until we get to the top of our front stairs and then gives them back to me because she knows I need them to open the front door. She (sadly) can change the channels on the TV. She knows what sounds a cow and dog make ["b(m)oooo" & "woof-woof"]. She has such a great sense of humor, loves to laugh and even fake laugh. This is hilarious.

Thankfully, she is very interested in finding little tiny [dangerous] things on the floor and handing them to us before putting them in her mouth. We can sweep, vacuum and dust all we want, but Lucca's little fingers find the most interesting things. Handing us everything she finds is a great phase :)

She can still spot a bird or dog miles away and let's the whole neighborhood know by squealing with excitement. We have made many friends because Lucca waves at Every. Single. Person. that walks by. She thinks she is training for Miss America. She calls every kid under the age of 10 a "Bay-beh". I try to tell her the SHE is indeed the baby, but she insists everyone else is the baybeh. Also, after a 4-month teething hiatus, she is finally growing her 2 front teeth. I didn't think she could be cuter, but she is proving me wrong.

She is a joy. So sweet, she'll give you a cavity, as her daddy tells her. She has stolen our hearts and our love grows deeper every day for this little gem of a person.


strawberrylove said...

so sweet! I can't wait to get a cavity from her!

swisher sweet said...

11 months going on 3.

Mama to 3 all-boy boys said...

"so sweet, you'll get a cavity from her" -- is that a southern phrase? Love it. You Krugs sure make cute babies...