Thursday, March 4, 2010

Rainy Day in the Bay

You wouldn't know it by looking out at the gorgeous sunny day we are having today, but yesterday was a wet, rainy, cloudy day here in the Bay. I packed Lucca up and took her to the Bay Area Discovery Museum to have some indoor fun. Bonus: it was the 1st Wednesday of the Month = FREE DAY.

I set my germaphobic tendencies aside as I had to take off my shoes to enter the toddler play area, and let Lucca go to town. She loved it. She got bulldozed by about 10 four-year-olds, her hands banged on while playing the marimba with the big boys, and her feet stomped on at the bubble pedal station, but she had fun!

My musician

Watching the frogs blow bubbles ("bubba")

The museum experience was a good eye opener/learning lesson for me. Kids are crazy. Parents are crazier.

Dear God, I have three simple requests. Please don't let my toddler be the one throwing the drum at my face while pitching a major fit for no apparent reason. Please don't ever let me be the parent who loses my child BUT DOESN'T EVEN REALIZE THE CHILD WENT MISSING. Seriously, I had to return a 2-year old girl that I found OUTSIDE BY HERSELF to her absent-minded mother. And please don't let me judge horrible mothers, knowing we all have the potential to have challenging days.


Mutha K said...

I love the picture of her looking at the frogs. Hard to believe this is an 11 month old baby standing there, holding on the bars, with the bigger kids. Every day is an adventure with Lucca.

swisher sweet said...

Please put her wings in piggies for her b-day!