Monday, March 22, 2010

Chalk another one up on the things I said I would never do when I was a mother, but ended up doing after all board. Today we played on a mall playground. ::Gasp:: And we loved it. Yes, the dirty, grimy, germ infested public play area that's usually full of way too many snotty and rambunctious children. I distinctly remember walking past this specific play area with my mom when I was pregnant and I told her "Lucca won't ever play in there..." HA. I'm not sure what I had against it, I just always think she's going to get sick the moment she leaves the play area. Not true, so I let her play....and she was a star!


swisher sweet said...

I haven't done this yet. Yours is outside fair!

Emmie Bee said...

Ha! Just stumbled across your blog & saw you are in the bay area. I'm pretty sure my son had his 1st mall playground experience at this very same mall playground!!