Monday, February 24, 2014

Snowy NYC

While New Yorkers have seen enough snow for the rest of their lifetime, I was the happy Californian visiting who thought the NYC Snowpocalypse 2014 was amazing!  I was lucky enough to have a few kidless days in the Big Apple with my husband while he was there on business shooting a couple commercials. 

I spent my time bundled up, drinking coffee here and here, and taking cover from the snowstorm at the MOMA.  We celebrated Rustin's birthday wine tasting by the gallons at Amelie and feasting at Mario Battali's Babbo.  Indulgent is putting it lightly. Good thing birthdays are once a year!  I also hit up the ABC Home Store, which is basically Anthropologie x's a billion, super overwhelming and inspiring all the same.  I successfully shopped all of Nolita and SOHO and even had time to catch a show on Broadway.   I met up with a girlfriend from college who is a news reporter in NYC and had the best time catching up with her.  

New York is a funny place.  I always thought I would live there for a year or two in my twenties, but that's not the path I ended up taking.  I couldn't live there now, especially with small children, but it sure is fun to visit.  And then put me on a plane back to gorgeous California, where the sun has shone all winter, where nature surrounds my home, and where my babies welcomed me back with screaming giggles...

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