Wednesday, December 4, 2013

December Daily 1-3

I love the December Daily project and love capturing the special moments that happen each December day, but, man! It's only the third day of December and my poor little family is getting what we like to call "the whoop" around here a big way. On December 1st, we found ourselves in the ER after mommy burned her band really, really badly while cooking dinner. An experience I'd very much like to forget.

So, our December Daily Day #1 kinda looked like this:

We got home from our Thanksgiving vacation Saturday night, burned my hand Sunday night, my parents flew home from their vacation late Sunday night, and by Monday morning my mom was already here at our house to help us.  She's a Godsend and I don't know what we'd do without her.  And now Lucca and Rustin are sick as dogs so she's taking care of all of us.   I'm telling you, December, my favorite month, you better shape up.

But with every horrible ER visit comes some sort of blessing, and that blessing is having my mom around making extra special memories with the kids.  See, we HAVE had some good moments these past three days too

Jackson helping Grammie put the star on top of the tree

Reading Christmas bedtime stories with Grammie

Admiring Baby Jesus

And this girl Rainbow Looming like craaaazy.  Amazing to watch.

It can only get better from here (we all hope & pray)!!!

Happy December from our family to yours.

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