Tuesday, December 31, 2013

#31 Happy New Year!

We spent our final day of 2013 hanging out in the city, having fun, shopping, lunching, people watching...!  We love showing the kids our old stomping grounds and finding new places to explore together.  We toasted Good Riddance to 2013 with delicious margaritas at a place called Colibri, phenomenal Mexican food a few blocks from Union Square.  The kids loved the huge Christmas tree and watching the ice skaters on the square.

Tonight we had a pajama party and let the kids stay up til 9 (!!!) to watch the ball drop.  Even though they didn't even show the ball drop on TV. Whoops.  But we had fun. We played a game of candy memory waiting for midnight (9pm) and ate raspberries with our sparkly party crowns on.  I sure do love my sweet girl + boy.

And their dad.. 

Happy 2014!  May it be even better than 2013.  We are making a long list of dreams, goals, hopes & desires for 2014 and have nothing but the best expectations for a solid year ahead.  

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