Friday, August 23, 2013

{little adventurer baby shower}

My sister is having a baby!

My sister is having a baby!

And the baby is a boy!

And he will be a Little Adventurer, just like his Daddy and his big brother.  

We are EXCITED.  So we celebrated him.

And celebrated his Mommy, who just so happens to be the most gorgeous pregnant chick you ever did see.  I mean, gorg.  

Brunch in Karla's beautiful Gig Harbor backyard

{Adventure print from Etsy}

The {rad} vintage toolbox holding the flowers belonged to the baby's great, great grandfather. 

We used the vintage baby cradle for the gifts.  From Canada to South Dakota to San Francisco, this cradle (built by my grandfather) has been slept in by every baby in our family since 1976.


Sweet little girls

The baby's great grandmother

There are 20+ children belonging to the ladies below, including the newest little Mila sleeping in this photo!!   Can you believe that???

Such a perfect morning celebrating the little babe, who is set to arrive in just a few short weeks!!!  
Can't wait!!!!  


Masters Family said...

What an absolutely adorable baby shower. And so much family tied into it. Love. Can't wait for that little man to arrive!!

swisher sweet said...

best baby shower ever. best sis ever.

(next time, perhaps I should wear a little make-up.) yowswers!