Friday, January 11, 2013

These two

These two are best friends.  Little mama and baby brother.  So thankful for them and so thankful they have each other.  She loves when he plays with her (most of the time) and he loves to play along (most of the time).

They are beginning to tag-team a little bit more and are becoming a little bit more difficult when they put their heads together -- like Lucca giving Jackson the great idea to take all the ornaments off the Christmas tree, or hey Jackson, let's throw all the diapers down the stairs, or hey bud, let's run full speed with hula hoops in the house -- all while becoming much easier to manage and self-sufficient too.  Make sense?  No?  ha.  

Making art together

Grrrreat place to hang out guys..

Scooter races!

Today was one of those days I felt extra thankful to be able to spend these early days at home with my kids.  
With a one year old and three year old, some days are rough, some days are magical, some days I daydream of my pre-baby life and some days I just feel so very dang thankful I am their mama.  
Today I chose to be thankful.

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Masters Family said...

Those two will be buddies for life. So precious. You are blessed mama!