Thursday, January 31, 2013

Au Revoir, January!

I bought myself a belated Christmas present last night :: a 50mm lens for my Canon.  I've been wanting this lens for a while, especially since I lost my Canon 7D a few months ago (still crying about that).  So this morning I took a few shots to try it out as we took Lucca to preschool & then a few additional shots of our morning in Sausalito.  I really have only spent 5 minutes with it, but so far I like it!  The only image that shows what it actually does is the first photo of Lucca.  In non-professional speak, it focuses on the close-up image and blurs the background.  See?  :)

The Sausalito Harbor 

This poor buddy with double ear infections is still not feeling awesome.  January has NOT BEEN our month!  It's been the worst month actually, but we are trying not to focus on the completely negative month it has been.  Tomorrow is February, a new start, and no one is happier about that than our little family of four.  Trust me.  Trust me.

So February, treat us right.
We are greeting you with open arms, open hearts, and hopefully the healthiest bodies we've had all year :/


Kara said...

I feel ya with the rough January!! Hoping with u for a better February. Best time of the year is just around the corner!

dlkrug1 said...

Another great photographer in the family . . . and I still don't know how to view pictures on a digital camera yet!

February is my favorite month anyway (for obvious reasons!), so here's to a great month for your family, too.