Saturday, February 25, 2012

The best day

Not gonna lie, we live in a pret-ty spectacular part of the world.

On this winter sunny February day, we went hiking, planted flowers and even started planting my first herb & vegetable garden. Something I've been looking forward to doing for 5 years! Whoop.

Our hike was kid friendly, obviously, as we took the most awesome two year old who hiked all two miles by herself. The girl hasn't sat in a stroller since she was one, so it's no wonder she goes on 2-mile hikes. She was born for adventure, we realized that very early on...

And our big Stone had the best seat in the house on mama's back. That sweet boy loves being outside just as much as his big sis. Many, many more hikes in our future with these nature lovers.

Thanks to my parents help today, I am now a gardener. Okay that title might be a bit ambitious, but I did plant my very first flowers veggies & herbs. SO MUCH FUN going to the nursery and choosing my favorite things to plant. Hello ranunculus & snap dragons! Hello basil & mint! And beets & Brussels sprouts & arugula & cilantro & sugar snap peas & zucchini, and and and!

So excited, can you tell?

I love weekends, I love my family, I love California and I love being 30.

Sometimes being a grown up IS fun.

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dlkrug1 said...

I agree! That was an awesome day! There's something very tranquil about tending to a garden and watching your little sprouts growing. Can't wait to harvest your first veggies!