Monday, November 14, 2011

Best Sister EVER

Jackson is a lucky dude - because Lucca is his sister. Actually I can't get over what an amazing sister she is. She has so much patience with her brother, soo much love for him, and she's such a helpful little mommy. I am so proud of her. She is so understanding, beyond her 2 years, of why she is loaded and unloaded last into the car, why her dinner is ready after his dinner, why I have to nurse Jackson before we have a tea party, why I need to put buddy down for his nap before we can go in the backyard, etc etc etc. Sometimes it feels like I am always telling her "just a minute" so I can take care of Jackson. She never throws a fit over any of this -- never seems to get jealous -- never resents that the world doesn't revolve only around Lucca anymore. Tonight in the bath, Jackson kept taking every toy away from Lucca. Every single one. And she never got upset with him. When he took her ball, I was waiting for her to tell him nooo buddy, but she didn't. She would just grab something else.

She is seriously the best big sister.

Jackson stealing her water

Best Friends

Playing music together (Sis always brings Jackson an instrument to play)

Playing together in the ball pit



ms.composure said...

aw very very cute pics!! thanks for sharing!!

Carmela said...

Your babies are beautiful!!

Sending some bloggy love from your new follower. Hope you can follow me back too