Monday, September 26, 2011

Tot School

You know what's the coolest thing about having a sister with kids the exact same age as yours? Everything. But especially having fabulous mom ideas to share with each other. The latest, our attempt at Tot School. At home. God, forgive me for ever mocking homeschoolers. For this household has officially started our homeschool preschool. And by official, I mean we have completed Day 1 of "studying" Apples!

Today we've been doing lots of apple projects, singing apple songs, reading apple poems and duh, eating apples. Here's a little glimpse at our first day of school. And as my student said herself, "Mommy, I didn't even cry at school!" I must be an amazing teacher.

We colored apples
We played a little matching game
(which we looooved)
And played again, and again..
The masterpiece
And then we stamped big A's and little a's (and a few random's)
And made an apple tree
Then we traced Lucca's hand/arm for a tree trunk and glued it to a blue sheet of paper, which Lucca fingerpainted. We were attempting to create green leaves on the tree, but she is 2 years old with a creative mind..
So our tree became a painting of "Whole Foods"
Which is just fine by me.

We had a ton of fun, lots of learning for Lucca and mama. My main goal today was just to get Lucca to listen to my instructions and then follow directions. She did great. We are planning on doing this a couple mornings a week for 30 minutes. Upcoming themes we will study include farm, pumpkins, dinosaurs, turkeys and other rad 2 year old appropriate topics.

Happy homeschooling!


The Bun said...

Not only the best wife in the world, the best mother too. The selfless love you have for both the kids and I makes me fall in love with you more and more each day.

Mutha K said...

Such a wonderful post! I'm so proud of you (and sister), for investing this time and energy in your 2 year olds. They're having so much fun with the music, art, books, and activities, that learning is automatic. I can just hear Lucca saying that she didn't even cry. That comment had me laughing!!! Good job, Kelsey.
P.S. R.C's comments are amazing.

it's a beautiful life. said...

this is the best post ever. nice work mom!!! and to think you have an infant, as well.
you really do put your kids first and it shows. she is going to be the smartest kid in her class when she starts school!