Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Two-year old

This lil' blog was created with the goal of documenting milestones, memories and photos during Lucca's first year of life. It has become our little treasure chest of all things Lucca...and it's hard to believe it's now been TWO YEARS of capturing pieces of her world. Things are getting busier around here as we will be welcoming Baby Brother into our family any day now. Not sure how much we will keep up with this blog, or if we will be moving on to a family blog, but wanted to make sure I got her TWO YEAR statistics down from her well-baby/toddler check up last week:

Weight: 27 lbs (with her clothes on, so maybe just under 27 lbs)
Height: 34 1/4 inches (the nurses best guess, as Lucca wasn't exactly standing still!)

Both weight & height were in the 75th percentile, with the Doctor noting that she is definitely longer than she is wide...even though percentiles read evenly. She is long and lean...and will be one lucky lady if she stays that way!

The Doctors office is not Lucca's idea of a good time, and she was shouting "ALL DONE!" before we even stepped into the office. However, she did pretty well this time, probably her best yet...only crying a few times and mostly cooperating with the nurses and doctor. She is NOT a fan of getting her head measured or laying down on the crinkly Dr. office paper. Make her do that and she will turn on the tears. She got one shot this time, Hep A, and cried for one second, but then was fine and got some bunny fruit snacks to make it all better. Treats and stickers...the way to Lucca's heart.

We are soo very thankful for her outstanding health. Not sure we've met a healthier toddler, but we hope Brother has Lucca's immune system! He will be in good shape if he does.

So far, the two's have been anything but terrible. They are treating us well. Lucca, you are such a beautiful, smart and FUN little girl. You love snuggles, singing, dancing, adventures, puppies & kitties, balls and balloons. When she's not talking (rare), she's singing a song, and when she's not singing a song we know, she's singing her thoughts out loud. She's a songbird. Her best buddies in town are Emerson, Mia, Milo and Marley. She wants nothing to do with the potty. Her favorite foods lately are grapes, sweet potatoes, beans, corn, waffles, pancakes, eggs, cheese, and she looooves milk. Also, LOVES snacks (dried blueberries, apples, crackers, anything...). She does not like fresh berries or meat, but she has finally started eating some plain, baked chicken. She has discovered cupcakes since all her little friends have been turning two and we probably talk about cupcakes at least once a day. She can still run faster than any kid her age and would rather play with a ball than a doll - although she has many, many babies that she takes wonderful care of. She is very opinionated when it comes to getting dressed, picking out her shoes each day and the color of her outfit. She always wants to wear a sweater/jacket, and must always have a hat if it's the teeniest bit chilly outside. Purple is still her favorite color.

Lucca, keep being good to your mama and daddy ... you are a GEM.

Hawaii :: January 2011


Masters Family said...

I have loved every minute of this blog for the past 2+ years. Getting to watch Lucca grow even though we live so far apart has been awesome. Can't see the Chao family as a family of four! Love you guys. :)

Mutha K said...

She's definitely a GEM, as you say. And a songbird? Well, so was her mama!

We love that little coconut. It's been an exciting two years.

it's a beautiful life. said...

beautiful post, beautiful girl, beautiful family!

Josh, Season, Selah and Caleb Johnson said...

so so sweet!