Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Birthday Wish List.

Lucca's 2nd Birthday is right around the corner! March 15 to be exact.

Here's her wish list:
1) an umbrella
2) a pony
3) a purple suitcase
4) a skateboard
5) a pink cupcake

She rules.


Mutha K said...

#1 - Done!
Did she forget to put a surfboard on her list?

juli johnson said...

dips on #2 - i also wanted a pony as a little girl (heck, I STILL want a pony). For your sake, I will not get her a real pony, however, it is very tempting.

swisher sweet said...

well she can have THREE ponies in richmond. ask rus!

juli johnson said...

haha. Yes, perhaps I will get a real pony so Rus moves you guys out to the country. I've wanted friends with a country house. lol.