Saturday, May 22, 2010

A day without Lucca

I LOVE being a stay at home mommy. Period. I wish every mother could do it. My mom always tells me "these are the years you will never get back" and it's so true.

However, being a stay at home mom leaves very little time for moments alone. Especially with the type of hours my husband works! So today was quite a treat...I went to a baby shower a couple hours away, meaning I spent 9 hours without Lucca today. FREEDOM!! I got dressed up, DID MY HAIR (and makeup!!!), wore heels, put on my jewelry that I never ever wear with Lucca, and cranked up the music as soon as I got in the car. What a treat. Of course, I missed her within 10 minutes of leaving, but I knew she would have a fun day with her Daddy.

As I was driving back home tonight, I could hardly wait to walk up our front stairs and see my baby! That must be how my husband feels every day coming home from work. I WAS SO EXCITED. And Lucca gave me just the perfect little reaction I wanted....came running to me saying "Mama!" "Mama!" and jumped into my arms. It didn't even matter to me that she was dressed totally mismatched, wearing a 6-9 month (!) skirt with a yellow (unbuttoned) onesie at 14 months old and eating pizza with her Dad ;) He did good!

Thanks babe! Sometimes moms just need a day.


Mama to 3 all-boy boys said...

Coming home rocks. Glad you had some Me time.

swisher sweet said...

i want rus to dress me someday. hysterical!

it's a beautiful life. said...

so glad you came! i hope you had a great time...I did!
and seeing you twice in one week was fabulous!!!

Claudia Guerreiro said...

I know exactly where you are coming from. As much as I love my full days with Lily, I'm craving 9 hours alone. Have never had that and she's almost 7 months old already.
Soon I hope.