Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mum Mums

We've found a favorite baby product. MUM MUMS!!! These little rice crackers are a dream. Lucca loves them. Mama loves them. A little $2.99 box of heaven. We take Mum-Mums with us everywhere we go now. When mama goes shopping, Mum Mums keep the little one nice and happy in the stores :) When we go out to breakfast, we can give Lucca a Mum Mum while we eat. For moms on the go, these are perfect. Much better than Cheerios or Puffs because they can actually hold on to them, and much better than the Death Biscuits (teething biscuits) that are a total mess and choking hazard. These melt in the baby's mouth...unlike teething biscuits, and don't get all over their face, unlike teething biscuits! Could go on and on for my love of Mum Mums, can you tell?

One hand on the Mum-Mum, one hand on the toy (typical)
And she's saving that little piece on her chin for later!

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