Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Movin' Movin' Movin' ...and other updates!

This girl is on the MOVE. Since learning to crawl on Halloween, she is everywhere. And now pulling herself up to stand - on the recliner, coffee table, my legs, the wall...anything!! I totally understand now why every mom tells you the ever so cliche "they grow up way too fast" line, because my baby is certainly growing up TOO FAST! No longer can I walk out of the room to even go pee without making sure there is NOTHING on the floor that Lucca can grab and put in her mouth. And I thought being a mom was exhausting PRIOR to the crawling phase. Don't even say it...("just wait until she starts walking...").

Lucca's favorite new trick, other than crawling and standing, is waving. She waves bye-bye to Daddy every morning, and throughout the day too :) She stares at the front door and waves waiting for her Daddy to walk in. Very sweet, kinda sad! She makes everyones day when she waves at them. At the grocery store, post office, on walks...Lucca will wave at just about anyone or anything. And she still LOVES dogs. They make her squeal and giggle like nothing else!

Her favorite book is "Baby Animals: Flip-A-Face". I highly recommend this book for babies. We read this book several times every night before bedtime. Of course, her favorite animal in the book is the DOG, and if anyone knows what sound a Panda or a Fox makes, please let me know... You don't even want to know the sounds I make for those 2 animals. When we are done reading, Lucca picks up the book and hands it to me to read again. Quite amazing, right?!

Lucca's 2nd bottom tooth has popped through, making her sweet smile even more beautiful. Also making it easier to eat her new favorite foods: frozen mango, chicken, and Mum-Mum's rice crackers! Least favorite foods? Bananas, cottage cheese and peas.

We are so lucky to have this little gem as our daughter. The joy she has brought into our lives is endless, we are so thankful!!


swisher sweet said...

Love that gem and can't wait to see her next week. And you. And Rus.

Grammie said...

I love your updates. Lucca is a very special girl. Beauty and brains!

maven said...

i am curious what sound a panda makes!

edmo said...

I thought the crawling phase was hard - but I admit I absolutely loved once my son started walking! Everyone said, "Oh it's so hard once they can walk," but I think life got a ton easier when he could walk. He could go where he wanted, follow us into each room, do his own thing, etc. He became way independent after that (which gave us some time to get dishes done or sit on the couch for five minutes).